New Site: Most Unlikely

Most Unlikely: A Luigi shrine, up and running just in time for the Year of Luigi! ...Okay, so not for the opening of the Year of Luigi, but I did create and publish before the close. That counts, right?

The best part about this site? It's going to constantly grow; dare I say more so than my others? Oh my! Stick around folks, because I have a ton of more ideas for this little doo-hickey.

Update: Venoshock

Venoshock: Oops, I forgot to make an introduction post for this site when it premiered back in January of this year! ^^; Sorry about that folks. Well, I guess I'll get started on that right now: It's a shrine to the Pokemon Gym Leader from the Unova region featured in the anime, manga, and Pokemon White 2 and Pokemon Black 2, Roxie! It's a one page shrine, but I think I might change that to a multi-paged shrine later down the road, when I feel like making a new layout.

So, the new updates since I created the site are as follow: I noticed when I switched from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome that the main text on the page was all kinds of screwed up, so I took care of that and now it should be completely readable. Second, added two new song titles to the "Soundtrack" section. Yay~

Update: Cerulean

Cerulean: Added some new anime screenshots, and was able to finally get my mitts on a Pokemon Mini emulator and a Zany Cards rom (in German -_-()), and ripped the Misty sprites from there. Much bigger than the emulator's window portrayed, so I'm in a pickle as to whether I should resize them or keep them as they are, as resizing the sprites would deminish the whole spirit of spriting *snort*. So that's that.


So, no longer am I at the mercy of a free web host: I am now a proud owner of my very own domain! It's All of my sites will now be hosted there, so the URL's have all changed; just visit my domain for all the up-to-date links. I'm super excited about owning my own domain, and I hope everyone will cheer me on~